Participation Agreement

I understand that my participation in the activities offered by Turu Ba-Ri Tropical park is voluntary and under my own risk and responsibility.

I understand those activities involve physical and sport requirements, with a direct contact with nature.

Also I understand, about the risky nature of these activities, and the possibility of injuries, scrapes, abrasions, shock, friction burns, falls, or others situations which could affect my health and physical integrity.

I agree to follow the recommendations and instructions given for the staff of Turu Ba-Ri Tropical Park, also I understand that any loss or damage of the equipment, clothing, accessories and other items property of Turu Ba-Ri Tropical Park , will be my financially responsibility while I be using the equipment.

I accept complete responsibility about my personal belonging, and I understand if I carry them could I lose or damage them. If I cannot continue, because I develop a negative behave, negligence, injury, or lack of attention about the tour guide, I understand there will be no refund.

I understand that my presence at Turu Ba-Ri Tropical Park could be documented or captured by the company or any third to be used for social networking.


I understand the following limitations, could invalid my participation in the tours:

  • Being under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, or other similar that affect my perception or senses.
  • Injuries or conditions that limit the normal movement, or the use of prosthetics, casts, crutches or similar.
  • Pregnant Women, and children under 10 years old are not able to do the horseback riding or the Sensational Cable, also children about 6 years old or less are not able for the adventures.
  • People heavier than 120 kg (260 lbs.) are not able to do the adventures.
  • In the case of Teenagers (less than 18 years) the presence of an adult or familiar who accept to sign the agreement will be required, this person will accept to be responsible for the teenager.
  • People with heart problems, pacemakers, bypass, or others are not able to do the adventures.
  • People who suffer any medical illness that affect their skills or reaction (asthma, epilepsy, convulsions, etc.)


If for my own negligence, inattention or mistake an accident occurred during the tour, I discharge any legal responsibility to Turu Ba-Ri Tropical Park, and related companies, employees, agents , associated or suppliers, including any loss or damage, accidents, injuries or other similar.

Also in case of accident I accept the pre-hospital medical care and mobilization to the hospital or clinic be made by the bodies of local emergency and national hospital system (Cruz Roja).

I agree to assume any medical costs incurred by myself.

I will not realize any financial claim or similar, being this fact extending to my successors.

I accept all Participation Agreement,Limitations and Discharge

I accept